Can You Take a Delta 8 Vape on a Plane

16th Mar 2023

Can You Take a Delta 8 Vape on a Plane

The federal status of Delta-8-THC means that you can purchase it almost anywhere. But can you take it with you anywhere else? You should ensure that your area's local laws and airline rules are favorable if you are considering flying with Delta-8–THC.

Is it legal for Delta-8-THC to fly? Are you allowed to take Delta-8-THC gummies on board a plane? Is there any information you should know about how to store the gummies in a TSA-approved manner?

Luckily, yes! It's possible to fly with Delta-8 in many cases. However, you must follow specific rules about storing Delta-8 during your flight.

Is It Legal to Fly With Delta-8-THC

Often, yes! Flying with Delta-8 is allowed when you travel to or from legal areas. As long as Delta-8 products are not prohibited by the airline, it is legal.

Before you pack your bags for a flight, check the regulations in your area and with the airline you choose to fly. Even for items that are not Delta-8, this applies to all products. You may be surprised at what you can't legally bring on board a plane (like batteries).

Airport security thoroughly inspects a man searching for weapons and other materials that could put others at risk.

Flying Locally in America

Delta-8-THC is federally authorized, but it will still change the rules for flying with Delta-8. Although the TSA does not explicitly address Delta-8, they clarify that they don't necessarily want to find it.

TSA Guidelines for Cannabis Products

In 2019, the TSA revised its rules to reflect the 2018 Farm Bill's legalization of hemp and hemp-derived goods.

The old rules prohibited all marijuana and cannabis-infused products. However, the new rules make an exception for "products that do not contain more than 0.3 percent THC or are approved to FDA by the FDA."

Federal law states that hemp products (including cannabinoids and isomers) with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC are legal. The new rules also removed tetrahydrocannabinol in hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.

This means that Delta-8 does not count as a Controlled Substance. It is a legal hemp product, and you can carry it on your plane. TSA doesn't care about snooping for cannabis products. TSA will not search your bag for illicit drugs. However, they will turn the items over to local law enforcement.

Even if you mistakenly flag your Delta-8 products as Delta-9-THC, you will still be subject to interrogation during product testing.

You should keep documentation (and any test results) that show that your Delta-8 is a legal hemp product. TSA could confiscate your delta products in the worst-case scenario. However, you are unlikely to be arrested and prosecuted.

This is why purchasing Delta-8 from a trusted, reputable source is so important. You may end up with a more complex situation if you have Delta-8 products that contain more Delta-9 than is allowed.

Check Delta-8 State Laws Before You Fly

You should confirm that your Delta-8 products are legal to be carried onboard a plane. Also, ensure that Delta-8-THC can be legally owned and used in the country you are traveling to. Although this is unlikely to cause problems with TSA or local law enforcement, it could be a problem.

Can You Fly with Delta-8 Internationally?

You may be able to take Delta-8 on a local flight but flying internationally with Delta-8 is an entirely different story.

Most countries, including the U.S., consider cannabis an illegal substance. Some countries also have incredibly harsh penalties for marijuana possession. Unfortunately, unlike the U.S., hemp-derived products are not allowed in many countries.

This means that cannabis and hemp products, such as oils and vapes, can be subject to severe restrictions and penalties. Even though cannabis may be legal in certain areas, penalties can still apply for any products bought outside the room or possessing paraphernalia.

What About Medical Cannabis?

Researching the laws of your destination area may be worthwhile if you are flying with medical marijuana products. Most likely, international flights with any type of cannabis product are dangerous and could result in an encounter with local authorities or customs. It may be better to buy your products once you have arrived in a country where cannabis is legal.

Delta-8 Storage Options During a Flight

You must store your Delta-8 products in your checked baggage and carry-on luggage.

These are some examples of carry-on bags that Delta-8-THC allows to be stored on the flight.


Are you able to take Delta-8 gummies with you on board a plane?

The answer is usually yes. Hemp gummies are probably the most accessible product on board a plane. You can leave gummies and other edibles in their original packaging. Gummies, hard candy, and other food items are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage. However, you should check with the airline to confirm you can bring food and snacks.


The rules for liquid hemp products will apply to all other liquids carried in a personal bag or carry-on. The TSA allows you to have a one-quart bag with 3.5 oz (100mL) or less.

Before you fly, check your luggage for other liquids, oils, or aerosols.


"Can you fly with Delta-8 cartridges?" This is an easy question to answer because the rules for vaporizers in airlines worldwide are relatively consistent.

Delta Air Lines states, "battery-powered electronic cigarette devices such as e-cigarettes and vapes and electronic nicotine delivery system can only be carried on as carry-on items."

You should pack your Delta-8-THC vape vaporizer in your bag or carry-on and not in your checked baggage. Only bring what you will use for personal use. You must also follow the airline's rules regarding carry-on liquids for extra oil-filled cartridges or vape oils.

You should refrain from using the vape at the airport or onboard planes. Delta suggests keeping your vape in a secure container or a case to protect it from accidental activation or leakage. The airline also discourages passengers from charging vapes while onboard.

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