The process that is used to create our ONE-OF-A-KIND Delta 8 was thouroughly inspected regarding efficacy and quality and was eventually approved by the US Government Patent Office after meeting all of the required standards and unique properties. A milestone reached by no other company in the industry. 

This process took over two years of research and development, by our team along with two of the top Organic Chemists in The USA. The end result being the cleanest and safest Delta 8 Products in the industry. 


REACTION: In a reaction style mixing vessel, CBD and Solvent are heated and following an acid is introduced to the start the conversion process. Water and baking soda washes will stip the process at desired time. 


EVAPORATION: Vacuum pressure, heat and cold are used to evaporate and collect the solvent from the solution. Further purging can be done in a short-path heating mantel. This leaves a viscus concentration of converted delta 8 crude. 


DISTILLATION: Using a wiped film short path distillation unit, the oil will be further refinded by means of seperating heavy residues and lighter oils. We areleft with an end product that is light brown to clear, and of the highest potency obtainable, 90-99%.

You can rest assured that as a DRIP Customer, you will be getting thee highest quality Delta 8 Products the industry has to offer in your hands!