How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

15th Mar 2023

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Countless people ask the same question, "how many CBD gummies should I eat?"; No single solution exists, so our guide offers some helpful suggestions that can make this experiment more of a fun adventure than an ordeal.

We'll cover a lot of ground to help you make an informed decision regarding your CBD dosage.

  • Keep in mind that no single dose of CBD works for everyone. Every person responds differently, so take your time to experiment and find what works best for you.
  • When selecting CBD gummies, there are several factors to consider, such as their chemical composition, potency level, and any ailments you want to address.
  • When taking CBD gummies, the ideal approach is to start with low doses and gradually increase the amount of CBD until you feel satisfied with the results.

Factors to Consider When Selecting CBD Gummies Dosage for You

When taking CBD gummies, the appropriate dose depends on several factors:

Your Body Weight

In drinking culture, "lightweight" refers to someone who requires less alcohol to become intoxicated. On the other hand, "heavyweight" users need more booze before they're satisfied and want to end their night at the bar.

These terms also pertain to health supplements, so being labeled a lightweight user isn't an insult; instead, it's just another informal way of explaining the science behind how your body metabolizes different compounds.

Weight is essential to your body's ability to absorb compounds such as CBD or other health supplements. You can use your weight as a starting dose and adjust accordingly if desired for more potent effects.

Here is how it works for various weight groups (more or less):

  • Under 130 lbs and up to 11 mg.
  • 130 to 230 pounds and up to 18 mg
  • Weight exceeding 230 lbs: up to 23 mg

Even these categories are broad regarding finding a helpful reference point. For instance, people weighing 130 pounds and 230 pounds differ significantly in weight; 11 mg may be too much for someone under 130 lbs, while those over 230 pounds would experience little or no effects from taking 11 mg.

Calculate your dosage by taking 1-5 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. Just divide your weight by 10 to get the number of appropriate milligrams; start at the low end and increase gradually until you find a dose that provides adequate relief.

Your Metabolism

Here you should take into account your lifestyle.

Are you an active individual?

Does your job involve sitting all day, or does it necessitate being up and about throughout the day?

What forms the foundation of your eating? Do you prioritize nutrient-dense food, or are you a sugar fiend?

Your metabolism plays a significant role in determining the appropriate dosage of CBD since it determines how quickly your body processes it along with other cannabis compounds.

If you want to experience immediate effects from CBD gummies, take them on an empty stomach. However, we suggest consuming the gummies after eating a meal for more subtle yet longer-lasting results. Not only will this slow down the metabolism of CBD, but it will also increase its bioavailability - meaning more of the active ingredient reaches your bloodstream.

Evaluate the Potency of Your CBD Gummies

Your body's tolerance should not be the only factor determining a safe dosage range. Some individuals desire more potent effects and thus may need to consume more gummies than average consumers to achieve these outcomes.

The starting doses listed above are recommended based on mild effects. Your dosages may need to adjust according to how powerful you expect your reactions to be:

  • Below 130 pounds: 12-14 mg 15-17 mg
  • 130 to 230 pounds 19 to 23 mg 24 to 27 mg
  • Over 230 pounds 24-30 mg 31-45 mg

Modest effects refer to increased comfort from pain and improved stress management. Strong results refer to dosages used for alleviating severe mental and physical discomfort.

Weighted individuals of less than 130 lbs can take relatively low doses of CBD to reap its health benefits. If you fall within this range, a dose of 20 mg should suffice.

But since everyone's situation differs, there are other elements to take into account.

Understanding What Condition Needs Addressing

How much CBD you should consume depends on why you're taking CBD. Outlining your objectives for taking CBD is critical if you want specific effects. Different physiological or psychological issues may benefit from lower or higher doses of CBD.

  • Anxiety: Take 15 to 30 mg to reduce anxiety and improve focus.
  • Healthy Sleep: Taking 10-25 mg before going to bed can benefit your sleep cycle and enhance various stages of deep relaxation.
  • Pain and Inflammation: The ideal dosage range for inflammatory pain can range from 5 mg to 50 mg to reduce soreness and suppress pain signals. The effectiveness of CBD for pain varies based on the intensity and type of discomfort; people with severe cases may require up to 600 mg, though these are rare instances.
  • General Support and Focus: 5 mg to 15 mg should provide enough concentration boost to get you through your workday. You don't need to address any specific health issue with this dosage range. Many people take CBD daily in smaller amounts to maintain healthy levels of their endocannabinoids, with some reporting using it instead of nicotine products.

CBD may cause mild side effects and interact with some medications, so we advise exercising caution and consulting your doctor before purchasing CBD gummies for any specific condition. We'll address that further down in this article.

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Take?

CBD gummies are easy to dose correctly if you know your body's tolerance to CBD and the principles behind cannabinoid metabolism. A great starting point would be using your weight and any noticeable effects when deciding on 5 mg, 10 mg, or 50 mg daily, depending on weight and desired result.

Once you know your optimal dose, adjust the number of CBD gummies accordingly; oral forms of CBD offer lower bioavailability than their oral forms counterparts. Consider switching to a more potent product if it takes more gummies than expected. Keep going even if it takes several attempts before finding an accurate dosage - consistency is key!

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